Neo-Livingstones : nomadic exteriors furnishings and surprising. Huge pebbles comfortable and soft, as if polished by the air and by the wind, assembled in an imaginary landscape. A modular alternative, combining a bare and ergonomic structure, forming one extravagant beach. New in 2006, a line of neoprene covered, cushions filled with polysilicon fibers, in waterproof polyurethane foam for the foundations. A French top quality production allows an outside use, in gardens, pool surroundings and terraces. The palette of shades, the choice of forms and volumes are so vast and modular, enabling you to imagine and create your own landscape. Each products of this range are available with or without lines. The maintenance of this line is easy to care for, washable with soap and water. As with any outdoor furniture, it is however recommended to protect them from bad weather to guarantee an optimal use and long life.