Night Bijoux Collection
Is there anything more magic than a ray of moonlight on a black dress ? With its Night Bijoux Collection Beau&Bien has created a new trend of evening jewels so that every lady can wear her own ray of moonlight. Hand made from silicone, the Night Bijoux are shaped, baked and polished individually by a French craftsman. Each item is therefore a unique piece of jewellery. The most simple, necklaces are round like the moon, or in the shape of a lotus flower, a drop, or a heart, they offer to every woman a poetic way to go out of shade. The pendants-belts put the spotlight on femenine beauty, illuminating all their outfits, a simple black dress or a top.
So Snake bijou, the night snake, wraps nake or hips up and gives an elegant touch combining metallic organza and the light effect of the small moon.

Saturne bijou, the last one, follows the adventure… Its mobile ring will charm and turn the head of more than one !

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